The birth of object


This project is based on the future scenario that objects get their rights so that humans don't take them for granted. I created this light package that people could not see inside because it will not be socially acceptable to choose a product based on their appearance, as we don't judge people by their looks in this future scenario. Furthermore, since this package is made of plaster and has a fragile object inside, It will take some time to open. Through this time, I tried to slow down our consumerism process. At the same time, I wanted to people realize that opening up the package is like giving birth to the object. We should take responsibility as we take responsibility for our children because we create them.

So-called 'sustainable' products these days are mostly about using eco-friendly materials. I have huge doubts about this kind of greenwashed products. What is underneath the surface? How can we solve this problem more fundamentally?

Maybe, emotional connection is the key to a sustainable issue.

- Plaster