Morning routine 2030

This project is about can we be less human-centric to be able to talk about other species based on the home environment. We have been discussing environmental issues based on our behalf.

In this future scenario, we will plant avocados in our body not to stay as a selfish human. Avocado is one of the most popular fruits among humans and because of that, they are produced intensely for money. It needs 18 gallons of water for one avocado according to the documentary, Rotten. Because Avocados use so much water, poor people are suffering from water scarcity who live near avocado farms. Therefore, I created this future scenario that people start to plant avocados in their body to use less water because our body already contains a lot of water.

However, even we start to plant avocado with good intentions, will it stay as innocent as the first intention? By choosing the format of youtube daily vlog, I try to question can we ever become selfless. In the end, it will become something so-called 'hipster thing' to do.

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