I’m couming


This sex toy is built on the idea that women don't need a man in their lives. When I was young, if someone asked me what I want to become, I answered that I want to be a good wife. I knew this answer made adults happy. How come no one told me you could be more than that? Furthermore, before I have my first sex, I thought sex is something we should not talk in public because people will think I'm a slut. I got mad at all of these frames. Therefore, I created this sex toy.

Unlike other sex toys, it has its desire. On normal days, it will just roam around your house. However, when it wants to have sex, it will approach you and ask if you are up for it by opening up its body. The rule is the same for users. They should ask the toy's opinion first before using it. If it is up for it, it will open up its body. If not, it will just stay closed. Through these kinds of interactions, users can build tight bonding with their toys. In the end, these toys will not stay as a simple product but will become their life partner.
- ABS  plastic